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Arquimista is the being that through its services modulates the frequencies of the Spaces and the Beings, reducing the influence of electromagnetic fields, of the geobiological factors and of the subtle energies. With the Arquimia® System of Spatial Geometry and with the use of Arquimia Calibrators, Spaces are transformed into Sacred Spaces, enhancing the life force and emotional coherence.


The spaces are shaped by the void left by the walls. This void is always furrowed with energies invisible to the human eye, but perceptible by the sensitivity of our Being. Some of these energies can affect our health, performance and personal fulfillment.

Do you suffer frequent headaches? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your workspace? Do you have trouble sleeping or waking up? Do you wake up more tired than when you go to bed? Are you irritable all the time? These are some of the symptoms of a contaminated or energetically affected space, that is, of a non-harmonized space.

To identify these pathologies, it is necessary to perform an Environmental Diagnosis that allows us to know the energy imbalances of the space we inhabit. The diagnosis is made with dowsing instruments and measuring devices of German origin that identify the degree of geopathic and electromagnetic stress to which we are subjected.

After identifying the causes of the imbalances and the contamination of the space, we determine which calibrators are the most suitable to calibrate and harmonize their space.


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