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Architect Liliana Amielli is graduate of Buenos AiresUniversity (UBA), where she works as ateacher and researcher in Ecobiology and Sustainability.

Certified with Engineer Dan Winter on Implosion Science and Emotional Coherence and Delegate of the Resonance Project of Nassim Haramein.

Through his knowledge of quantum physics, morphology and space, she has created the Arquimia Space Geometry system, where he applies the "Arquimicos" calibration instruments.


To share her knowledge, Liliana forms new "Arquimistas", performs environmental diagnostics, personal consultations, design and build new projects with harmonic patterns, ranging from calibrators for personal and spatial use, to self-sustainable architecture.

|∞ The "Arquimista" modulates the frequencies of Spaces and Beings, reduce the influence of electromagnetic fields, geobiological factors and subtle energies with the Spatial Geometry System and the use of  Arquímicos Calibrators.

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